We love Star Wars The Black Series and we’re guessing you do to. What happens here? Well primarily we’re going to allow you to manage your collection, add items to your want and have lists and check out all the important details for each release. You’ll even be able to view releases by character, movie, year, box type and much much more.

Manage your star wars the black series collection online

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How does this work?…

Well why not browse the latest items added to the library here..

Or just click here to browse the entire library…

Whats Next? How do I manage my collection?

The first thing you will need to do is create yourself an account, don’t worry its not a huge long winded form, we just need your username and email address.

From now on as long as you are logged in you will be able to add and remove items from your “want” and “have” lists by clicking these funky little icons.


Click this little folder icon to add toys to your “Have” list.


Click this little heart icon to add toys to your “Want” list.

What else can I do? View your collection…

You’ll notice in the menu bar we have the same 2 icons, clicking these will take you to your very own collection lists. These have some very cool filters, which enable you to select the type of toys you would like to see.

Just click on the filter icon from here you will be able to filter your collection, by character, movie, box type, etc, etc. These filters appear on all pages, so you can use them wherever you require. Maybe you want to see all the versions of Han Solo that have been released, easy just navigate through the character section and click on Han Solo. Boom! Or in the words of the Jawa’s “Utinni!”.

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Welcome to a brand new website, just for obsessive collectors of Star Wars The Black Series figures, or as I will now call it OCSW. This will be a labour…

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